Catching up with friends

Have had a lovely time in Fort Lauderdale – staying with my friend Lisa and Kristen who live right by the ocean and also catching up with Beth, Maugham, Suzanne and Jerry – amazing that we are all in this location at the same time but very nice after doing a week of solitary travel. So today’s photo is all about friends – including my extra special one – the Grinch! 


And yes that is yet another portion of ribs – no judgement please. No-one can do ribs like the Americans – well that’s what I say anyway….and it would be rude not to try different variations. 

The featured picture on opening the blog is how Xmas was being celebrated on the streets of Fort Lauderdale – no boring old sleigh when you can have a souped up car instead! Am trying to get into the spirit of the festive season which those who know me well will appreciate is a huge HUGE effort.

Lisa has a golf convertible – a car I also had many years ago in Jersey – but boy how the process of opening and shutting the hood has changed – so I had to video it!

One of my friends – who shall remain nameless – thinks that once I start the cruise I should be able to introduce a “Whiff of scandal” – I will see what I can do noting that I will only have occasional access to wifi so will only be able to post once in a while and can catch up when I get to LA in January. So just in case – wishing you all a fantastic time with whatever you have planned over the next couple of weeks and all the best for 2017.

I’m now about to do my muster drill before the cruise sets sail – Gilligan’s Island here I come, now what character should I play?


5 thoughts on “Catching up with friends

  1. Julie Owens

    Well I can’t say any of my cruise suites have looked like yours Susie, so clearly I’ve not been doing it right. Have a great trip and I eagerly await reports on the Panama Canal experience.


  2. Lisa

    Thanks for tolerating all that Christmas stuff we subjected you to! I’ll make sure my Grinch doll makes it to your next holiday. I should have sent him with you on this last adventure…



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