Last Day in the Music City

Great meal at Rolf and daughters in Germantown. Taken there by Barbara who I met last month at an Oracle conference for the first time. When I found out she came from Nashville I got all sorts of great tips from her and she organized dinner and then a visit to a show at the Grand Ole Opry. This time you can see what it looks like full and here are a couple of clips to show the diversity of music being played. I had a ball.Enjoy these snippets. Blue Grass music at the Grand Ole Opry Phil Vassar at the Grand Ole Opry

Then I headed off to a honky took bar to listen to some more music and watch the world go by accompanied by a large gin and tonic and lots of friendly folk.

And I did promise you the Parthenon – and here it is – a full scale replica of the real thing because, as everyone I’m sure knows, “Nashville is the Athens of the South”. Something to do with it being a well known centre for education.

Here’s a comparison with the real thing – can you spot the difference?

Last lunch in Nashville at Puckett – good old southern food

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