Last day in Dallas

Well I must be most educated person in town as I have now done 5 museums in two and a half days – Amazing what subzero temperatures will achieve. Actually I’m a bit of a museum and art geek so for the record the 5 I visited were Nasher Sculpture Gallery (small but nicely done and the only bit of outide presentation – luckily on the day before it got so cold); Dallas Museum of Art – very nice but I’ve been spoiled with London, Paris and NYC(!); The George Bush Presidential Library – not a library but a museum of his years as president (which i was interested in given I lived in NYC during the first four years of them) including a full size version of the oval office – whether or not you agree with his policies this was an impressive place to visit and very well put together EXCEPT for the bizarre notion of a coffee shop that only had outside seating (see above re temperatures) – the kind coffee guy let me stand in the warm to drink mine; The Sixth street Museum at Dealy Plaza – this is the actual building where Lee Harvey Oswald took the shots (assuming you believe he did and they very fairly covered all the conspiracy theories) and really just covers the day of the assassination and the 4 days after – it is very moving and interesting too with a great audio tour included – so the best of them all I think and while I was too young (and I don’t get to say that very often!) to remember it happening it has always felt like one of the first defining acts of terrorism and it was also the first to be extensively covered on that newish thing called tv so everyone felt a part of it. Finally went to the Ross Perot museum of Nature and Science – hmm – far too many noisy and excited small people (you’d almost imagine it was Xmas or something?!) – my least fave. 

The picture below is taken from the window one storey above the one LHO used – the cavalcade was coming towards the building where the traffic lights are and then turned left into Elm Stree when the shots were fired. The streets look very similar to the way they were in 1963 and the whole thing is rather chilling. One of the reasons for the conspiracy theories is that so many people just didn’t want to believe that one inconsequential individual could actually murder the President of the United States (without the help of the CIA, Russia, the Mafia or whoever) – I think with the benefit of 53 years of hindsight it has proven many times since then that lone people do indeed get an idea in their head and then use a gun as a means of living out their desire to be remembered for something – however gruesome that something might be. All somewhat depressing really.

On a brighter note to end my trip I’ve attached a pic of a crazy chair from the Dallas museum of Art that reminded me of my visits to the ANZ team in Chengdu and in particular those pandas! It looks deliciously comfortable.

Next stop Memphis, Tn…….

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